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The GEBJohnson Podcast

This show is about helping you find your purposeful career. Figuring out your why, and your destination to fulfilling your why is MY why for this show. You may visit

Feb 17, 2020

Have you ever heard of a fractional CEO? I hadn’t until I met today’s guest, Ken Wentworth. Ken is a CFO, cash flow expert, speaker, and best selling author. Ken, otherwise known as Mr. Biz, explains how he helps business owners establish a solid financial path. Ken worked for more than twenty years in the corporate world in a fortune 15 company. After making his way to the top 3% in his company, Ken decided to resign. 


Ken shares how he made the decision to leave the corporate world in order to help as many business owners as he possibly could. In this episode, we chat about how it is beneficial for entrepreneurs to focus on their skillset and receive help for aspects of their business that they aren’t as knowledgeable in. You will be inspired after listening to Ken’s passion for what he does for a living!


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How outsourcing can significantly help grow your business
  • The importance of following a path that you love
  • The power in tracking and modifying how you spend your time


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